Does Internet Marketing Really Exist?

Okay, so obviously Internet Marketing does exist but are you an internet marketer or just a marketer?In the real world, people don’t specify their job titles by the platform they use to perform it. For example, I have never met a ‘side-of-bus marketer.’ Yet everyone refers to others and themselves as an internet marketer because they use the web.Lets just take a moment to think about marketing of the past. There have been great advancements in the places you can advertise. There’s been newspapers, radio, magazines, billboards, posters, television and now the internet. However, these are all just places where you can advertise and we know that marketing is more than just advertising.Marketing utilises advertising as part of a larger strategy. As do you in your efforts to make money online. You are probably budgeting, analysing results, producing copy, maybe graphics, setting up sales funnels, offering support, researching trends, communicating with fellow ‘internet marketers’. There are a whole host of things you do, it just happens that a lot of them are on the internet.How many real world jobs rely on the internet nowadays? A lot! However, we don’t put the word ‘internet’ before their job titles just because they use the internet.So why do we call ourselves internet marketers?It makes no sense especially if you apply the rules of the real world. From this moment on, no longer call yourself an internet marketer.YOU ARE A MARKETER!That’s great and we all feel very proud about it but how does that help?Well, now that you are thinking like a marketer and NOT an internet marketer, a lot changes.How you do your research, where you learn new strategies and techniques, what tasks you should be prioritising, what you need to improve on, resourcing your time… the list goes on!For example, in real world marketing, copy is king. If you can’t write great copy, or know someone who can, campaigns will struggle. But how much time have you spent researching what makes great copy and trying desperately to improve your own skills?The main benefit of the internet as a platform for marketing is the speed and cost you can produce advertising. You can copy and paste text into an article directory, create a PDF which you can upload to a document sharing site or set up an advert on Google AdWords. That is so much quicker and accessible than trying to get such a prominent advert in a magazine or a newspaper.So the process of getting your message in front of people is quicker and cheaper but that shouldn’t mean that the skill and the science behind producing that message is forgotten. Whether you are writing an article for a traditional magazine or a blog post to promote your product, the same amount of work should go into producing the content. The same techniques are needed to get the result you want.

Controversial Advertisements: Forklifts

Like them or not, controversial advertisements generate enough buzz to get consumers talking. Marketers know everyone loves a little drama while surfing the web or flipping through TV channels so they continue to push the line between humor and completely inappropriate behavior. In a country with limited attention spans and oblivion of everyday advertisements, marketers can still count on one factor to get attention: Women.It’s completely overdone – even toilet bowl cleaners feature women in their advertisements – but it works. At one time or another, all brands have used female actresses to showcase their products. Used forklift companies, however, seem to shy away from placing women in their print advertisements and television commercials. Since the industrial sector has a male dominated workforce, is there a divide between women and forklifts so deep that women aren’t featured in ads or as spokespersons? Simple Internet searches of women + forklifts result in countless articles about sexual harassment lawsuits and workplace inequality, but it doesn’t suggest women aren’t respectable employees or purchasing managers.If a marketing department of a forklift company didn’t want to go controversial, yet appeal to their target audience, generate a buzz and build brand awareness, introducing a beautiful women driving a forklift could be tastefully done:In a 30 second television commercial, a female drives a shiny new sports car through the city and along the beach. She wears a sundress and Hollywood style sunglasses. As she cruises along, boxes suddenly begin to fall into the road. When she hits the brakes, she’s brought back to reality: she’s in jeans and a t-shirt driving a forklift inside the warehouse. She sighs relief as she stops just in time. In just seconds, the point it made: forklifts are efficient and so fun to drive you’ll forget you’re at work.Even better for the male audience, what if Danica Patrick drove a forklift in a television commercial or on a print advertisement? Would viewers take notice and brand popularity soar? Absolutely. The popular domain registration website,, was the first company to capitalize on Patrick’s budding career, potential fan base, and attractive physique. They continue to stick her in a super tight tank top in Super Bowl commercials and sit back as Internet traffic goes through the roof. Men gawk. Women sigh. It’s genius.The goal of advertising is simple: Create an advertisement that sparks enough interest to increase recognition and revenue. Give consumers something to talk about. Amuse. Disgust. Annoy. Offend. Consumers will eventually forget how a specific ad made them feel, but the remnants of those ads will keep brand names embedded in their memory. Take note, forklift dealerships.Take note. Used forklifts are a necessity to every warehouse. 123Forklift connects forklift dealers with customers across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Germany and South Africa. We generate leads for new and used forklifts, sit down riders, electric forklifts, pallet jacks, order pickers, reach trucks, stackers, scissor lifts